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What are the ecological veneer processes? What are the characteristics of each?

Category : Industry NewsDate:2023-06-01

The furniture market consumes a lot of raw materials. In order to solve the contradiction between market demand and resource supply, the commonly used material in customized home is wood-based panel, which can solve the current problem to a large extent. At present, the main wood-based board materials used in custom homes are impregnated film paper veneer particleboard or fiberboard with good flatness, high thickness uniformity, surface wear resistance, pollution resistance, scratch resistance and other advantages.

At present, the ecological board has become the mainstream of the furniture board market, the price of the market ecological board, the price of the ecological board depends on the raw materials used (such as board core, decorative paper, adhesives, plywood), and the use of veneer technology has a lot to do with the following Langfang ecological veneer factory popularize ecological board veneer technical knowledge.

Eco-board concept

In a broad sense, the ecological board is equivalent to melamine veneer, the full name of melamine impregnated film paper veneer board, is the paper of different colors or textures soaked in ecological board resin adhesive, and then dried to a certain degree of curing, spread on particleboard, moisture-proof board, medium density fiberboard, plywood, joinery board or other hard fiberboard surface, hot pressed decorative board.

In a narrow sense, the ecological board only refers to the melamine decorative panel of multi-layer solid wood (plywood), joinery board (such as Malacca, fir, tung, poplar, etc.) used in the middle. Mainly used in furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets and other fields.

The difference between direct paste and repaste process

Direct paste process ecological board: First paste ecological board core and plywood through low temperature cold pressing, and then paste ecological board decorative paper and plywood through high temperature hot pressing, the surface of the board requires high flatness, pressure, temperature, compression time need to be fine, really control technology.

Composite process ecological board: the ecological board veneer paper is first fitted with plywood, and then the composite board is attached to the core under low temperature cold pressing, the surface flatness of the ecological board and the technical requirements of the worker are not high, the surface of the board is prone to ripple (that is, the surface of the board is inclined to 45° to observe the light, the surface of the board appears dark wrinkles, which will affect the appearance of the board).

Quality difference between direct paste and repaste process

Direct paste process ecological board: The use of high temperature and high pressure to effectively evaporate the water generated in the process of ecological board lamination, to ensure moderate water content, not easy to open, crack, deformation, long service life.

Composite process ecological board: low temperature cold pressing veneer, ecological board rubber plate and board core between the solid wood skin to retain water. With the change of temperature difference, the ecological board rubber plate is easy to crack, deformation, and even rubber plate rubber separation, affecting the service life of furniture.

The difference between laminated panels and multi-layer boards:

Paste panel: Melamine paste panel online, everyone likes to call. Ecological veneer, it is different colors or textures of paper soaked in a special liquid until dried into a board, in the production process, the amount of use according to the purpose of use to determine. This product is mainly used in furniture, computer desk, office furniture, because of the color more, the product is higher, the end atmosphere is larger, deeply loved by the industry.

Multilayer board: This board is low in price, but good water resistance, high strength, suitable for widespread use, but has fatal shortcomings, the use of a large number of adhesives in the production process, if not handled well, high formaldehyde content, affecting human health.